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Do Epic regret signing exclusivity with Microsoft?

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Michael Pachter, as a side note I find it incredibly weird that an analyst has now been elevated to virtually celebrity status purely because he keeps on making asinine statements which are purely based upon his personal opinion. Anyway where was I…

Oh yeah he has been at it again and this time he is stating that Epic will most probably be regretting the fact that they signed an exclusivity deal with Microsoft as they could easily palm off another 3-4 million Gears of War copies on the PS3.

Now I personally don’t buy that, yeah they will be wondering how much they could have made on the PS3 and I have no doubt that they would have sold another 3-4 million copies on the PS3 but at the same time Gears of War was made famous with the help of Microsoft and it is possible that the game wouldn’t have been so popular if it was multiplatform.

Either way the only regret I can see Epic really having is that same regret you get when you want to sell your car for R5000 and someone asks how much you want for your car, and when you say R5000 they agree instantly… and you just know you could have gotten more than that.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: January 22, 2010

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