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Do you agree with premium priced games?

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As you may have noticed with the recent release of Max Payne 3 and other releases over the past few months we are sometimes subjected to premium pricing for certain games in South Africa.

The last time I broached this topic with one of the distributors it was explained that these were premium titles and that as such it was accepted that we get charged a premium for them.

Now I’ll happily put my stall out early here, I don’t see anything wrong with charging a premium to certain titles.

I’ve never quite understood how a game like Modern Warfare 2 (MP) which you will play for 100-200 hours is exactly the same price as Prototype 2 which is a good game but you’ll be done in way under 20 hours.

Or how about Skyrim which can last well over 100 hours compared to the single player experience of London Olympics 2012 which is likely going to be a cheap tie in with the games?

The standard pricing model only makes sense for the lesser titles so it’s not surprising that some publishers, distributors or retailers are trying to capitalise on certain premium titles.

However that being said this standard pricing model is stuck to world wide, unless someone can show me otherwise, and as such I don’t think it’s correct that we are being premium priced for certain titles.

How do you feel though, do you think it’s wrong that we’re getting slapped with an extra R50 – R100 charge on certain quality titles, or is it simply a case of getting what you pay for?

Our game prices are generally very good in South Africa in comparison with the rest of the world when you take into consideration the size of our market and other such circumstances. We’re not the cheapest but at the same time we’re not Australia and that’s always something we can be thankful for

Last Updated: May 22, 2012

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