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Do you have what it takes to break a Guinness world record in gaming?

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 World record for largest turd passed? Mrs. Bieber on 1 March 1994.

Obtaining a Guinness World Record is, for most of us and especially me, impossible right now. While I’m certain that I could attempt to do something crazy in order to win one of those coveted recognitions, the sad fact is, is that it has all been done already.

But Guinness has kept up with modern times, and have also begun to recognise achievements done in the world of gaming. Which is where you come in. Do you have what it takes, to set a new record, to achieve something locally that is recognised on an international level?

Do you have the stamina, endurance and willpower to break records and shout “FIRST” when the deed is done? Then Topcar needs you.

Topcar has a motoring show coming up soon, and to celebrate, they’re going to try and break the world record for longest consecutive gameplay in a racing game. The game that Topcar will use is Forza 4, and the car itself will be a regular BMW M3.

So, if you think that you have what it takes to keep your butt plastered for over 36 hours of gaming in one go, then send a screenshot of your best clean lap to Topcar, using a BMW M3 around the Nordschleife track.

Topcar will choose four people then, who will get a chance to break the record, and achieve fame, glory and women.* Send your screenshots to this email address. So what are you waiting for Petrol-Heads?

There’s a world record to be broken already!

*Warning, fame is fleeting, glory may not exist, and women aren’t going to be attracted to guys who are coated in the smell of epic gaming marathons.


Last Updated: May 7, 2012

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