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Do you prefer the official or unofficial PS4 unboxing video?

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Whats in the box

I’m not entirely sure I see the point of an unboxing video. I mean, the official Xbox One video just showed off the fact that you’ll get a headset, and that the power brick is even bigger than ever. Still, people love videos of other people taking consoles out of the box, so here are two PS4 videos.

First up, we have the really irritating Francis doing an unofficial unboxing:

I know he’s an internet phenomenon, and he gets thousands of views on every video he posts on YouTube, but I’m not a fan. Still, it’s sorta cute to see his ‘enthusiasm’ for the PS4. We don’t get much info from the unboxing though, except that the console is inside. Not exactly informative.

A much more informative version is the official unboxing. Check out those gloves!

So, you’ll get an HDMI cable and crappy earbuds in the box. Thanks for letting us know nothing new, Sony. I did enjoy the setup, though – that stage was intense and the heavy brown gloves used for holding things add to the sense of danger.

Now that you’ve seen what’s in each box, do you feel more informed about which console you want? Which version of unboxing did you enjoy more? Finally, can someone please explain what I’m missing regarding these unboxing videos?

Last Updated: November 11, 2013

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