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Do you want to be on TV like I was?

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For those of you unfortunate enough to be watching Expresso on SABC3 yesterday morning you may have seen my ugly face on TV talking to Grant Hinds about gaming and Black Ops in particular.

Well now it’s your chance to possibly get your 15 minutes of fame next week on the same show but in a slightly different way.

Nothing is 100% confirmed yet and is subject to change, and all that nonsense, but the plan for next week is to have a panel of gamers connected via Skype who they will cut to every now and then to chat with and that is when your moms can finally be proud of you for playing all those video games.

So if you’re interested in being part of the panel then simply hit Grant up on Twitter or Facebook and let him know you are interested.

But please don’t go asking to be part of a Skype video panel if you don’t have a stable Internet or the hardware required.. like a web cam.

In related news does anyone know how I can get my 15 minutes off fame from my PVR to YouTube?

Last Updated: July 27, 2011

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