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Does Modern Warfare 2 go to far? Could it be banned?

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First up apologies for the absolutely awful video that follows after the break, seeing as that it’s the PS3 version of the game I can safely assume it’s not a pirated copy but rather just some reviewer who is breaking the embargo on releasing footage.

Secondly this video gives away the entire first chapter of the game so don’t click through if you don’t want to read more about it, unfortunately there is no more to this story if you don’t continue but you can read about all our other MW2 stories by clicking here.

If you can then watch the video before reading further.

I found the video incredibly disturbing to watch to be honest, I can’t imagine that these anti-game lobbyists are going to take this one lying down and if ever we have a major terrorist attack in a public transit point I can imagine this scene is going to be played out over and over again.

It’s the perfect terrorist spot and it’s not like something like this has never happened before but what makes me really uncomfortable is that you are a bad guy.

It’s not a maybe bad guy situation either, you are pure bad… Osama Bin Laden, Hitler type bad. I mean you mow down countless unarmed civilians, obliterate wounded people and then trample over their lifeless corpses.

For sanity’s sake I hope Infinity Ward has built in some achievements/trophies for finishing the level without killing a civilian, though I doubt that is going to protect them from the mainstream media backlash that is going to be coming.

I can see this game being banned from a lot of countries over this scene.

Do I personally think they have gone to far? No, the fact that it is raising concerns, making me feel things and shocking me means they are doing a good job of making a game more than a game…

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Last Updated: October 28, 2009

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