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Does the NGP (PSP2) have a proprietary power port?

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There is no doubt that the NGP (PSP2) is a sexy looking piece of hardware but after everyone has finished drooling over that second analogue stick and touch pad there remains some questions that need to be answered.

The most important of which in my mind is how on earth are we going to charge this beast? From all the angles we can see the only two external ports available are the 2 on the bottom with one looking like the headphone jack and the other looking like a slightly to wide USB port.

The NGP is already rumoured to only have 4-5 hours of battery life so if I need to recharge on a plane how am I going to do that without a USB port?


Unless this flap opens up to take a USB port… but that’s more than likely going to be where our sim card goes… right?

And then last but not least, what do you think is hidden under these 2 flaps.


The middle one apparently takes our media card but then what does the slightly larger one on the left take?

None of these questions are being answered currently from what we can find and it would be interesting to know what other secrets the NGP has in store for us.

I’m begging for a USB charge point and a standard SD Card memory upgrade… unfortunately I am doubting my chances though.

[Thanks to Scot for posting the questions in]

Last Updated: January 28, 2011

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