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Dog destroys Dead Space 2, owner gets free stuff

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Ashley is a gamer, just like any other gamer. Like most, she’s loving the hell out of Dead Space 2. It turns out, however, that her dog is not. In fact, during her first playthrough of the game her dog knocked over her Xbox 360, which utterly destroyed her copy of Dead Space 2 in the process. Bummer.

She then did what most people would have: she hopped onto the internet and proceeded to moan about her lot in life. With tears in her eyes the poor woman tweeted about just how cruel the universe is, but someone from Visceral Games was listening and PMed her asking for her address.

A short while later and Ashley received a little package on her doorstep. The package contained an awesome, hand-drawn picture of Isaac admonishing her pooch and a brand new copy of Dead Space 2 signed by the entire development team. How cool is that?

You can read Ashley’s account of the events over on her blog, but somebody should perhaps send her a new keyboard as well because it looks as if her Shift button is broken. Poor girl; she’s really having a run of bad luck.

Source: Ashley’s blog [via Kotaku]

Last Updated: February 3, 2011

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