Dominate the Hyrule property market with Zelda themed Monopoly

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I’d like to think that every single one of us has played Monopoly, at least at some point in our lives. It’s a great game, serving as a beginners course to real estate teaching players all about property and how to invest money. USAopoly are taking the board game and blending it with a another classic – The Legend of Zelda.

That’s right, no longer will you have to destroy thousands of innocent clay pots or blades of grass just to make a living! Instead you can force your friends to pay exuberant amounts of Rupees (the Zelda kind) as you slowly take control of many well known locations from the franchise. The bundle can be purchased over at Game Stop (via Joystiq), and it includes some really nice collectible stuff.

The Legend of Zelda MONOPOLY takes players on a trip through time as they travel through the land of Hyrule and beyond. Memorable locations include Link’s House, Temple of Time and the Lon Lon Ranch and are all up for grabs in this special collector’s edition of one of the most revered video games of all time. In addition to collectible tokens, custom designed game board, Zelda themed money and custom Chance, Community Chest and deed cards, the Game Stop Exclusive edition includes the Ocarina of Time token, Hyrule Map Lithograph and 6 Item Cards for added game play.

Check out the board and pieces!

Monopoly Gameboard

Zelda MN 2014 Tokens_web


The set can be purchased for $39.99, and will be available on the 15th of September. What do you think, worth shipping to our side of the world?

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Last Updated: August 4, 2014

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