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Dominos Addon: What it Does and How to Activate it?

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WoW provides many addons to its players to add more interesting turns in the gameplay and keep the players engaged. There is an addon called Dominos about which we will talk today and help you set it up.

Getting to Know Dominos

As you can interact with the World of Warcraft user interface, there are actions bars you see at the bottom. Now, these bars don’t allow you to move or change them. However, it is possible with Dominos addon. The addon will enable you to replace them, making the overall environment more attractive and interesting. Just for the information, these bars hold your spells; the same addon can also modify other bars.

Employing Dominos

To proceed further, players can either use CurseForge or use the WowUp.

Once you have it, there comes a minimap icon. This lets you tweak some settings with the bars or the gridlines. Operating in this mode means you can shift the glowing blue boxes; when they increase more in population; you have the option to turn the bars into a pile and move altogether.

You can make the bars invisible if you hover over the mouse and click the scroll wheel. You can make it less or more transparent by moving the scroll wheel. You will find a window with many options to greet yourself with more options; right-click any bar you wish to change and see the options.

Once you enter these options, you will see many sliders and the varieites of bars. This means that you can edit all the bars such as the menu and bag bars.

Additionally, players should always have a good stock of gold as it is the main currency of WoW. Keeping enough gold lets you purchase any items and gear which help you establish the objectives. Gold also makes the overall gameplay more exciting when you can own any amount you wish. You can check it out here for gold purchases in the quantity you want.

Possibilities with Dominos

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Paging lets you perform many actions by using Dominos. Right-click the bar and choose paging. Now comes the dropdown, and there will be all the forms and bars you used. Keep exploring and you will find key-based modifiers. This will let you jump to any bar of your choice. Players can store some spells in the ALT key, according to Fandom. The bar will then only show up when you hold the ALT key, and you can activate your spells.

In the same paging option and in the last, you will see Targeting. Using it, you can select what to do when you see a target by analyzing if it is friendly or harmful.

Now comes the fading option, which is its name. We assume you have changed the bars as per your preference, now is the time to utilize the fading option. Here you control how much faded the bard should be. This becomes activated when you hover over the bars, which is not the case when you do not use fading.

The next thing is about the advanced options available under the advanced tab. This will show you many boxes which let you flip the buttons, control the bars in pet battles, and have click-through ability.

Dominos lets tweak the bars and the overall interface. There are also other addons that perform similar actions, such as Bartender and ElvUI. However, Dominos so far is the most convenient and fast addon, which is pretty straightforward to understand. Do check it out and see how it makes things more interesting with the bars.

Last Updated: April 28, 2022

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