Don Bradman Cricket 14 has a local release date

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Is this finally the time we are going to get a real cricket game for the real fans? Well thankfully we are about to find out as Megarom announced yesterday that Don Bradman Cricket 14 will be released locally on the 4th of April on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Unfortunately the PC version is slightly delayed but it will also arrive.

We first spoke about this game back in August 2013 where we mentioned that the game is going to include awesome things like Hotspot, appeals, real ball physics and much more.. in fact this much more

  • Career Mode, allowing you to take control of an aspiring young cricketer and take him
    through the ranks to International glory.
  • Unique Batting and Bowling Controls, giving full 360 Shot control and Line and Length
    delivery without pitch markers.
  • A fully featured fielding system that allows you to run down the ball and slide to prevent a
    Four, catch a high ball on the boundary rope, or knock down the stumps to take a vital run
    out. You are always involved in the play at every stage of the game!
  • Ball Physics giving realistic Edges, bat pad catches and movement off the pitch.
  • A complete player physics system with individual attributes including weight and height –
    imagine running in a 2 metre bowler to delivery that perfect bouncer!
  • Appeal and Electronic Review system allowing for the first time challenges of the umpires
  • Practice Nets, Hone your skills to perfection before taking to the field.
  • Dynamic time of day, Weather System and Pitch Degradation that are based on real world
    data with effects occurring in real-time throughout a days’ play.
  • The Cricket Academy, allowing for unparalleled customisation of your Cricket experience,
    creating Teams, players, Tours, Competitions, Match Types and even Umpires.
  • More than 4000 Community created Players and teams ready to download and use in game.
  • An online Save system that lets you continue your match whenever you want with online

Unfortunately the game doesn’t have any licensed players but there is a way around that thanks to something that I think is called Cricket Academy where people are already creating mod files which include all the real teams and player likenesses so you can finally take off Kevin Pietersen’s head with a screamer from Steyn.

The official trailer is as awesome as you would expect from canned CGI (for a cricket game)

What I found more impressive is this mini preview from the guys at IGN Australia. Granted their talking annoys me after a while but if you watch it you can see the intricacies in bowling, batting and some incredible ball physics.

This is no Ashes 2013 and I can’t wait to get my hands on it… in fact I need to go shout at Megarom for having code at their office and not inviting me in to play.. unacceptable

Last Updated: March 28, 2014

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