Don Mattrick will earn How much at Zynga?

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It’s becoming quite easy to see why former Xbox head Don Mattrick jumped ship for mobile and social gaming proprietor Zynga; they’re throwing money at him.

According to Zynga filings, Mattrick will net himself a $5 million signing bonus, a $1 million salary – plus stock options of  $25 million over three years, plus additional restricted shares and options valued at $15 million. That’s $19.3 million just in his first year.

Next year, Mattrick could be getting a performance bonus of $5 million, plus  performance-based equity grant valued at $7 million.

All totalled, that’s a heck of a lot of money – but it’s worth noting that 95% of it is in stock, so he’s going to have to actually work damned hard to make that money. So far, it seems like he’s already helping; just being brought on has caused Zynga’s stock to surge 10%.

Still, it’s down 70% from what it was a year ago – so Don Mattrick’s going to have to pull a magical rabbit out of his arse if he plans to keep Don’s Mattress stuffed with cash.

If this is what video game executives earn, it’s no wonder the industry’s not making enough money.

Last Updated: July 4, 2013

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