Donate to charity by playing free games

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There are quite a few organisations out there that try and raise funds for charity by gaming. The most famous of all would be Child’s Play but a brand new company is trying something entirely different by raising money for charity by getting you to play free games.

BeepCloud are the developers behind the very simplistic looking Turtle Rock for the iOS in which you need to keep going forward and dodging the monsters and blocks in your way.

Like I said, very basic looking game.

The game is free but does contain in game advertising and the company behind it is promising to donate the profits made to a few different charitable organisations with the most prominent being Dr. Tam Nguyen’s Free Healthcare Campaign which is apparently based in Vietnam but for which I can find very little information via Google.

They are also offering to donate an extra $20 to charity for anyone who gets over 200 points in the game.

Now while I’m sceptical about the lack of information I can find about the charity I did do some research on the Ukrainian founder who is now living in the States, Arsen Nikiforouk, and unless he has spent a lot of time creating fake Facebook, LinkedIn and student profiles then the guy seems to be legit.

It’s an interesting angle and when you  think that the truly rubbish Flappy Bird was reportedly making $50 000 profit a day this could easily turn into a great earner for charities.

Maybe some local developers could put something similar together to help local charities earn some money and bring some mainstream coverage to mobile gaming?

What do you think, nice idea or just another way for people to get scammed.

Last Updated: May 14, 2014

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