Don’t drown in this horror game’s preview

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The Drowning

The Drowning, created by former Battlefield, Far Cry and Halo devs is a first-person-shooter coming to mobile devices, but before you just don’t click here because you saw the word “mobile”, think about taking a look. It’s not going to be played with virtual joysticks and will be more attractive to hardcore gamers.

The Drowning is set to be a free-to-play shooter and might even have a storyline, odd for a game made for phones and tablets, but for me it’s a look into the amazing possibilities for mobile devices, accessible to just about every one. Easy and better controls, good visuals and classic shooter elements make this game, stand out. The video below discusses and previews the controls of the game. Instead of using virtual joysticks, gamers can play this game with only two fingers. However, they’ll have to be fast and agile.

The difference between a game like this and a game developed for a gaming tablet is that it’s so much more accessible. I can picture myself playing this game like I would any other first-person-shooter and actually enjoying it.  The Drowning will release in early 2013, the only downfall though, is that it will only release on iPhone and iPad. It could be a lot more successful if released for Android too. 

Here’s the announcement trailer, kind of reminds me of that movie about the end of the world.

Last Updated: February 15, 2013

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