Don’t mess with this Harley Quinn cosplay

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Harley (2)

One of the more popular characters in cosplay lately, has to be Doctor Harleen Quinzell AKA Harley Quinn. The right hand lady of the Joker himself, she’s a fun, vibrant character with only a hint of being a complete psychopath. No wonder she’s more popular than Mistah J these days.

The photos above and below come from MaiseDesigns, who designed the costume for Itty Bitty Geek. And she nails it perfectly. Just look at those eyes. Those are the ocular peepers of a crazy lady, I tells ya!

Harley (5)Harley (1)Harley (2)Harley (3)Harley (4)

You don’t mess with Harley! No Gavin no! She knows how to use that bat! And gun!

Last Updated: June 3, 2013

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