Don't Miss This – Borderlands Trailer Is Bad-Ass

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I am not entirely sure how it happened but I seemed to have completely missed out on any news and videos of an upcoming game from Gearbox called Borderlands.

Let me explain the appeal of this game if you didn’t already know.

Borderlands is a Role-Playing Shooter title (They claim that RPG and FPS had a baby) that is not only looking incredible but is going to offer 4-Player co-op along with some great looking gameplay and to top it all off they have made one of the coolest bad-ass trailers ever just to get us all hyped up.

The trailer even boldy claims that the game will have “87 Bazillion guns”. The co-op will be seamlessly integrated into the single player with instant drop-in/drop-out and word has it that the game will even support up to 4 player splitscreen.

You really shouldn’t miss this because this game is looking super-awesomo-fantastic and is releasing in October.

Check out the awesome trailer and find out why you need to pay attention to this game, after the jump.

Last Updated: August 13, 2009

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