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Don’t stress, Dragon Age 4 is still in development

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Dragon Age 4, the last bastion of hope for a Bioware that has naught but dropped out of the good graces of their fans, was teased around two years ago at the 2018 Game Awards and then…well, then nothing at all happened after that. Sure, we’ve had some snippets of information and another very brief teaser shown off in June’s EA Play event. It feels like EA and Bioware are almost stringing fans along at this point with two years of waiting and very little to actually show for it. So with people beginning to get antsy about their beloved age of dragons, some clarifications were made on Twitter which confirms that the game is still in-development.

Bioware executive producer Mark Darrah tweeted out that progress was indeed being made on Dragon Age 4, albeit slow and gruelling. Darrah confirmed that the Dragon Age 4 team were working from home and making headway on the game but as one can imagine, designing and building a game the size of Dragon Age 4 entirely isolated and from home…well, that sounds like quite a task. At this point, I’d actually be interested to see how many people are working on Dragon Age 4, given that just a few months ago Bioware announced a complete overhaul and rework of last year’s painful failure Anthem. The job of actually breathing some kind of life into Anthem sounds…monumental and I’d imagine that most of Bioware’s staff would be working on that project, given the more urgent nature of that fix.

If anything, Darrah’s tweets can at least allow Dragon Age fans to rest a little easier, knowing that while the world burns around us, the franchise that’s actually just Skyrim but good continues to chug along.

Last Updated: July 24, 2020

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