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Don’t worry, Final Fantasy 16 graphics will improve before launch

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If it quacks like a gigantic dragon that’s about to level an entire continent, sounds like crystals breaking so that some ancient goddess can be freed, and looks like a whole bunch of swords ‘n sorcery action, then that duck must be Final Fantasy. Also I’ve got no idea where I was going with this analogy but you get the point.

Anyway, Final Fantasy 16 was announced not too long ago, and there’s a lot in that PC-rendered gameplay that I really like! The atmosphere looks epic, the actual tone of the game is rumoured to have an 18+ age restriction (BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD), and the action is continuing the trend that games like Final Fantasy 15 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake pioneered while Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core is left in a corner on all its lonesome.

Some fans aren’t happy with how Final Fantasy 16 looks though, citing that the graphics look too current-gen for their tastes instead of being a technical showcase for the PlayStation 5 console that the game will release on. Fret not though! Because what you saw at the PS5 showcase was a work in progress, with more bells and whistle-raga spells still waiting to be cast. In special panel called ‘Stroll with Yoshi-P’ at Tokyo Games Show 2020, FFXVI producer Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida explained that FF16’s current visuals aren’t final.

“I saw some comments saying that if we [released a CGI trailer], they wouldn’t see the game until 2035,” Yoshida said (via a translation by Audrey on Twitter)  after being asked about the title by Nier creator, Yoko Taro. “So we decided to release a proper trailer.”

Final Fantasy 16’s team says that more details will come in 2021, while other industry analysts reckon that the game may not be too far away from being released. Will it still be a while before it sees the light of day though? Absolutely, but it sounds like the next chapter in the core numbered series won’t require a decade-long wait like what Final Fantasy XV asked of its fans. And for the franchise, that’s a miracle.

Last Updated: September 29, 2020


  1. Im sorry, but “if it quacks like a giant dragon” is sticking in my head.
    What manner of dragon quacks?

    Though, to be fair, since none of us has ever actually seen a REAL dragon, for all we know they do quack.
    Or maybe they bark like a chihuahua.
    Or just imagine… A mooing dragon.

    Speaking of moos….
    What were cows like before they were domesticated? Like, did primitive man look at the hills and scream in terror at the herd of cud-chewing monstrosities ambling his way?


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