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Doom and Quake mastermind John Romero says that he has a new “design” for a FPS game

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You compare the first-person shooters of yesterday and today, and not much has changed in the genre. Certain styles and influences may still be present, such as regenerating health ala Call of Duty Modern Warfare, while other games such as 2016’s DOOM have been a blast from the past that gave classic elements a modern-day touch, but the core idea is still the same.

A game starring a lone warrior with a torso face, running around killing everything and players doing so from that avatar’s viewpoint. Can the blueprint for first-person shooters ever change? Maybe! At least that’s what John Romero, he of the luscious locks and an architect responsible for defining the genre with his work on Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, thinks.

Over on an Ask Me Anything session on reddit, Romero was quizzed on 2016’s remake of DOOM and if he’d ever consider getting behind a keyboard to make a new FPS in the same vein as Quake. To which Romero responded:


“I really like the new DOOM 2016 and from what I can see of Eternal, it’s going to be a winner as well. And, yes, I do have a design for an FPS in the style of DOOM/Quake.

Romero didn’t elaborate further as he spent the rest of the AMA chatting about his studio’s upcoming real-time simulation RPG Empire of Sin. So what could that idea be? With DOOM and Quake currently under the control of Bethesda and Id Software, it’s unlikely that Romero would inject his design those games. The more likely suspect would be Blackroom, Romero’s pitch from a few years back that hit the Kickstarter scene but was ultimately cancelled.

At the time, Blackroom was described as a “visceral, varied and violent shooter that harkens back to classic FPS play”. Maybe with some fresh ideas and that new aforementioned design, the project could live again in a new shape and form.

Last Updated: November 6, 2019

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