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Dota 2 breaks Steam concurrent record

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That s a lot of steam

Developers and publishers love to bandy around terms to show off how popular their games are. Perhaps it’s “registered users” or “current profiles” or any other number of PR buzz-words. However, we all know that those numbers are useless if no one is playing the game. Dota 2 has lots of players, so many that they’ve broken Steam records.

Over the weekend, Dota 2 players were enjoying their real Valentines, the New Bloom festival. While Steam itself hit a record on New Years day this year with 8.5 million concurrent users, Dota reached a new milestone for a single game – it broke the one million mark for concurrent users this weekend. With 1 075 464 concurrents, it’s far and away the most popular game on Steam with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coming in second with less than half a million.

While it’s mind boggling to imagine over one million individuals all playing Dota at the same time, those numbers have nothing on the other massively multiplayer titles. League of Legends is about five to seven times larger, although those numbers were last updated about two years ago so who knows if they have grown or shrunk. World of Warcraft separates out uniques by server area or region, so it’s impossible to get a solid set of numbers, although they crossed the one million concurrents in China alone.

Still, it’s impressive to see Dota 2 doing so well and grabbing so many concurrents. Just imagine what will happen when all those people get involved in The International this year. That prize pool will be insane.

Last Updated: February 16, 2015

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