Dota 2 coming soon, for free!

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At the moment, you can only gain access to the Dota 2 beta by paying $29.99 or getting invited by a friend.  Granted, those codes are not exactly hard to come by, but still – technically it’s still in closed beta.  But soon, Dota 2 will be launched for free!

Confirmed by ValveTime, Valve is planning to launch Dota 2 this summer (northern hemisphere) and it will be free!  It will go public before The International 3, which takes place 7-11 August in Seattle.  So, I suppose we can expect it during July, or maybe very early August?  I just wonder how big an impact this will have; most people who were keen to play Dota 2 got a code from someone.  I guess this launch is for the more reluctant Dota 2 gamers.

Speaking of The International 3, the prize pool is less than $47k from it’s next goal of $2.4million.  I think it’s safe to say that it will hit that soon.  I wonder if the compendium will surge when Dota 2 becomes free for all – there might be a bunch of new people who decide to spend $9.99 for perks, and to be a part of eSports history.

Last Updated: June 18, 2013

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