DOTA 2 is a blight on the gaming community

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Gamers and the gaming community have often been seen as being unnecessarily aggressive in games with –  slurs on people’s mothers being the absolute norm and attacks on peoples’ gender, race and belief systems simply par for the course. So why do I single out DOTA 2?

Well, because while the gaming communities are often their own worst enemies when it comes to being respected as a mature hobby and something that can be grown into a truly representative sport, it has always been inclusive of other members of the gaming community.

Yes it’s hard to get into and you need some seriously thick skin to stay here but generally gamers like gamers and things are pretty happy all round. That is until DOTA arrived. I’m generally an average gamer; I can hold my own in most games and while any game has a learning curve I’ve never before been massively abused for being a noob… that is until I tried DOTA.

These people are serious

But let’s take a step back here. The first I heard about DOTA was from a friend in the industry who has a hopeless addiction to the game. He went on about how incredible the game was and how deep the strategy and gameplay was and that I should really give it a go.

So I agreed and installed DOTA 2 and then asked if I can join his game his response surprised me

“er, no I think maybe you should just play with bots for a couple of days and then maybe”

I’ve never been invited to play a game before and then get told that they don’t want to play with me. I just thought he was being a bit of an ass so I asked some other regular DOTA players and I got the exact same response from all of them. It was amazing.

So I went online and played some DOTA 2 against the bots – and it was painfully boring. I had no idea what I was meant to do (besides the obvious) and after about 3 games I just gave up.

I then entered the South Africa DOTA 2 group on Steam. I mean South Africans are awesome people and so I’d surely find someone on there to have a casual game with me. How wrong I was. I got invited to 3 games and then when I said I was a noob I got instantly kicked. No explanation given just a pure kick.

When I asked the main chat group why no one would play with a noob I was subjected to a torrent of abuse. It was amazing. I’ve received a crap load of abuse while running this site and I have to say that the abuse I came under on the DOTA group for simply saying I’m a noob was mind-blowing.


But what’s more depressing really are posts like this that people publically post on forums like neogaf

The headline reads, Region Lock Multiplayer Games Good, which besides its horrendous English is a very strange thing to see on a gaming forum. The actual post is worse though.

“Lost 4/5 games in dota 2 today because brazil and peru player wont fucking stay in their own region.

Goes into us east/west and ruins the game.

Someone disconnects? *checks steam profile* GUESS WHAT, south american
entire game, their little group talks in their own language, when they die, they start blaming it on other people, all i see is – ‘report _____’, ‘jajaja’, ‘nob’, other broken english being spammed using mic and speaking entire time, other teammates have no clue what’s going on and is really annoying (i had a game once where 4 of us were english speakers and the 5th guy was probably spanish, he kept talking into the mic, the rest of us told him NONE of us spoke his language but he continued to speak the entire game) of course i’ve had good games with them before, but holy shit, when it’s 1 game out of 20, just fuck it, ip ban them from our region please”

So this game has become so divisive that it is now seen as acceptable to post on public forums that you don’t want people of other races and languages to play with you in your game? The game itself may be good but the vast majority of the community is an acerbic,  absolute disgrace and they really should be ashamed of themselves.

To any DOTA player who wants to say this isn’t true of them and their friends then tell me; have you complained about the Russians joining your Western servers and ruining the game?

Last Updated: July 26, 2013

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