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Double Fine’s got a new game: Stacking

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Costume Quest was the last pony out of the Double Fine stable, but listen carefully and you’ll hear the hooves of the next one rapidly approaching. This one is called Stacking and it’s the second downloadable game to add to Double Fine’s new business model of regular, smaller titles instead of one full-length game every few years.

Players take on the role of Charlie Blackmore, the smallest Matryoshka of the lot. What’s a Matryoshka? They’re those Russian dolls that you can open up and pop smaller versions inside thereby creating a nest of multiple dolls all contained within one large one. This provides the main game mechanic and as such Stacking is going to be a puzzle-filled adventure game.

The game is set in an industrial 1930s. As Charlie Blackmore, players will have the ability to hop inside larger Matryoshka to gain their abilities as long as the doll is larger than Charlie and not facing him. In doing so, you’ll be able to solve the puzzles, but only the outer most doll’s abilities will be usable at any one time. It’s definitely a quirky take on the adventure game genre, but when last did Double Fine release a game that wasn’t quirky? And why would we want a mainstream game from them anyway? They’re one of the few developers able to breathe any form of originality into gaming.

Stacking is a game designed by Lee Petty, who is the genius behind the art design for Brütal Legend. It has literally just been announced so there’s little more to go on other than it will be download only and available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade some time in our autumn 2011.

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Last Updated: November 24, 2010

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