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Downwell, one of 2015’s best games, is finally on Android

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Downwell dropping on Android

I don’t blame you for not knowing what Downwell is, although I do feel sorry for you. I jumped aboard the vertically challenged rogue-like shooter near the end of last year, and it quickly shot up my list of best games I had played in that year. Turns out I wasn’t alone, with Downwell winning numerous awards, being nominated for even more and generally being lauded as one of the 2015 greats. And now it’s finally on Android.

Joining PC and iOS, the Android version of Downwell should be hitting the Play Store sometime today – in all its 8-bit pixel goodness. There’s no price for the title just yet, but I’m assuming it’ll be close to the iOS one. I paid around R40 for it last month, and it was some of the best money I’ve spent on my iPhone all year round.

The draw of Downwell comes with its immense difficulty. As a nameless hero you are tasked with falling down a well (heh, Downwell) while avoiding all manner of enemies as you go. Tapping jump while in the air, fires off bullets from your feet, allowing you to take the offensive is you daringly drop. The game is then littered with all sorts of gun modifications health stacks and energy power ups which you’ll need to get past the tougher worlds. All of which are lost on death, since this is a rogue-like with ever-changing levels too.

It’s incredibly addictive and suited to be played on the go, even if the small screen on a smartphone isn’t always the best fit. My most daring run has got me to World 3-2, where I started having to worry about oxygen underwater along with enemies that simply don’t die. It’s a game that’s forever changing and inviting me to try new strategies, like throwing caution to the wind and avoiding conflict where possible. That seems to be working for now, although I’m sure someone else who has actually finished the game is laughing at me as they read this.

In other words, just grab it if you can. You won’t be disappointed.

Last Updated: January 27, 2016

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