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Dozens of Prey 2 screenshots escape custody

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Prey 2 (5)

It hasn’t been the best of times for Prey 2. In fact, it’s been the blurst of times and…stupid monkey, you call this games journalism? Dammit! While I go whip a monkey, feast your eyes on these dozens of leaked images for Prey 2, which is the closest we’ll get to the game until Bethesda finally announce something.

Prey 2 (1)Prey 2 (2)Prey 2 (3)Prey 2 (4)Prey 2 (5)Prey 2 (6)Prey 2 (7)Prey 2 (8)Prey 2 (9)Prey 2 (10)Prey 2 (11)Prey 2 (12)Prey 2 (13)Prey 2 (14)Prey 2 (15)Prey 2 (16)Prey 2 (17)Prey 2 (18)Prey 2 (19)Prey 2 (20)Prey 2 (21)Prey 2 (22)Prey 2 (23)Prey 2 (24)Prey 2 (25)Prey 2 (26)Prey 2 (27)Prey 2 (28)Prey 2 (29)Prey 2 (30)Prey 2 (31)Prey 2 (32)

4chan, which now hates my guts because of that comment about it being a hive of scum and villainy, posted the following pictures online of the long in development game, via AGB. Bethesda hasn’t released Prey 2 yet, due to it not living up to their standards of quality.

And looking at some of those screenshots, I can’t say that I blame them for sticking to their guns. Still, I’m hopeful that the game will be out, one day.

Last Updated: August 5, 2013

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