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Dragon Age 2 homosexual sex scene video… we had to post that

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Videogame sex scene video’s are like mini pots of gold for gaming websites.

Everytime we post one we get a bunch of visits from people looking for, shall we say more mature videos, who then leave disappointed at the pixelated nastiness on offer.

But today’s a little different because the first video of the lot contains homosexual kissing and more… yes Fox News and Boettie from Boffelspruit are going to have a heart attack over this homosexual scene as Dragon Age 2 allows you to experiment in male on male bonding.

In reality you hardly see anything wrong in the this homosexual scene but some people are still freaked out about the entire idea so if you are one of them then I recommend you don’t watch this video.

However  if you are more interested in guy on girl action then these next two are for you

However none of them are what those random google visitors were after, you may rather want to check out some of the related stories below instead.

Last Updated: March 9, 2011

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