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Dragon Age 2 kicked off Steam

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According to early reports EA Games Dragon Age 2 has been kicked off Valve’s gaming marketplace, Steam. And no even though Dragon Age 2 is hated vehemently by certain sections of the gaming community it wasn’t kicked off due to any lack of quality.

The reason, yet to be confirmed, for it’s disappearance is apparently the games built in ability to download new DLC, something which is strictly prohibited for any game sold via Steam.

Valve currently enforces all games that offer DLC to offer it via the Steam shop, thus giving Valve a share of the profits, which is something that EA Games aren’t very happy about.

There are 2 sides to the story as it’s perfectly understandable that Valve wants to control all transactions through it’s own systems as they are here to make money and they have the users to enforce the rules as they see fit. However since they have a virtual monopoly on digitally distributed games they have to be careful not to be seen to be abusing their monopoly which could then force the government to get involved… ruining everything for everyone concerned.

It’s not often that EA Games are seen as the victims but in this case they do seem to be being beaten with the short stick and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them hit back with a much bigger stick if this isn’t resolved amicably very soon.

The details for the DLC can be found here

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Last Updated: July 28, 2011

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