Dragon Age 2 shorter than Origins

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In just over a week, a game that’ll take up pretty much all my gaming time for the considerable future will be hitting retail. That game is Dragon Age 2, sequel to Bioware’s spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate.

As a sort of cold comfort, BioWare executive producer Mike Laidlaw has said that Dragon Age 2 will be shorter than Origins, something I’m somewhat glad for, ‘cos that game ate away nearly 70 hours of my life.

The game will have numerous side-quests that make up the majority of the game’s length – and to determine how long the game will be for you, “Take a look at how you play games,” he said. “I’d say it’s a bit longer than Mass Effect but shorter than Origins.””The game will take longer with side quests. At the same time, you can get through the story quite a bit faster because so much content is off to the side. Mileage will always vary, just take your habits and extrapolate.”

Fans have expressed concern that the the streamlined game will offer a dumbed-down experience, and the shorter campaign length will likely do nothing to allay their fears. In my time with the demo, I haven’t really found it to be all too different from the first – and I think the more narrative-driven sequences will help ease in newcomers to RPG’s – traditionally a genre for core players.

Dragon age 2 will be available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on Friday, 11 March 2011.

Source : Playstation Universe

Last Updated: March 2, 2011

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