Dragon Age cosplay will astound you

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DA cosplay 7

Dragon Age Inquisition is almost upon us. While I’m getting ready by fobbing off as much work as possible on innocent younger members of staff, other people prepare themselves by dressing up as their favourite characters. This crew is truly incredible.

Thanks to Fashionably Geek, I found the images from Tarah-Rex Cosplay, Emmabellish and Armed & Dangerous. You can check out all the images below.

I’m so impressed by the attention to detail that cosplayers manage. I mean, that Morrigan costume looks spot on and even the make up and detailing for the different characters are incredible. The poses, backgrounds and nuances are so spot on, I could almost imagine this is the 1080p version of the game.

Well done to all the artists involved. You’ve made me feel totally inadequate – I can do the crafting necessary to cosplay like this. I’ll just have to settle for loving the games.

Last Updated: September 29, 2014

Zoe Hawkins

Wielding my lasso of truth, I am the combination of nerd passion and grammar nazi. I delve into all things awesome and geek-tastic. I believe people should stop defining themselves and just enjoy playing games, so let's get on with it!

  • Ceyber, Hans

    Great find! These are rather awesome.
    Few weeks ago I heard there’s a Dragon Age TV series out. Anyone know if it’s any good?

    • Jedi Consular Kromas

      Yeah it is quite fun and it ties in with a DLC from DA2. But what you really want to do is watch the anime movie. It is all about your second in command for DA:I.

      • Ceyber, Hans

        I see… any chance you remember the name of the anime? Gonna keep a lookout for that series, the DLC for DA2 wasn’t as bad as the actual game IMO.

        • Jedi Consular Kromas

          I actually own the DVD so yeah I remember the name. DA:Dawn of the seeker Although the Jap name was DA:Blood mage no seisen.(Yes I sorta watched it before I owned the DVD> 😛 )

          • Admiral Chief 0


          • Ceyber, Hans


            Gonna Goog now.
            I’ll admit, I have no problem with ‘pry before you buy’, in fact I think it’s one of the few ways to combat ridiculous consumerism in gaming and general media. Only problem is lots of people skip the actual buying part.

          • Jedi Consular Kromas

            Actually I buy my anime from good old Animeworx. 🙂

            Got both that and the Mass Effect Anime from there.

          • Ceyber, Hans

            Didn’t know about AWX, thanks for the intro!

            Last thing I watched was Blue Gender and that was eons ago. Have a feeling the wallet will be taking a hit tonight. Damn you 😉

          • Jedi Consular Kromas

            OMG Blue Gender!

            Yeah things have changed quite a bit. I recommend you get a series called Sword Art Online. It is amazeballs.

          • Ceyber, Hans

            Sounds like a plan, integrating the MMORPG aspect is interesting. Friend recommended Aldnoah Zero, gonna give that a go too.

          • XCamed5153

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