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Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC coming to PlayStation in May

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Dragon Age: Inquisition was a massive and beautiful game. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I haven’t felt drawn towards replaying it with my second character. I’m hoping that the new DLC, Jaws of Hakkon, adds some new fire to the experience and expands upon things. However, it will still be quite a while before I’ll be able to play.

The PS4 version of the game was found to be superior to the Xbox One version. As a result, many people chose to get it on Sony’s platform’s 1080p glory instead of Xbox One’s piddly 900ps. I normally laugh at resolutiongate nonsense, but speaking to some friends who played it on Microsoft’s console, apparently it is really noticeable and muddy to play.

Xbox and PC got the DLC last week, but it seems that the other platforms will have to wait. And not just a few weeks.

In May? So another month at least? I guess I understand – EA has to make the special relationships with Microsoft actually something special, or there’s no point in having it. Will this help to drive their sales, though? I think it’s pretty unlikely. Sure, there are some people who are desperate to play all the things first, but they will probably just get the game on PC, then. People on PS4 will probably be disappointed, but it’s not like this will spur them to go buy an Xbox One instead, especially if the game simply doesn’t look as good. It’s a disappointment, but I’m willing to wait. At least I know any bugs will be squashed by the time it comes to PS4 – thanks Xbox One Inquisitors for being part of the testing team.

Last Updated: March 31, 2015

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