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Dragon Age: Inquisition leaked gameplay looks beautiful

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One of the games I’m seriously amped for that’s coming next year is Dragon Age: Inquisition (previously known as Dragon Age III). There are a bunch of features I’m looking forward to, but now I’m also impressed by the aesthetic.

Just check out this gameplay video that is showing off a pre-Alpha build of the game on Xbox One. Be sure to watch it in HD to see just how beautiful it is.

Wow, talk about large and detailed environments. I think we can be sure that Dragon Age Inquisition will not fall victim to the same mistakes of Dragon Age II. It looks like they have gone back to the Dragon Age: Origins approach, and I’m really excited about what I’m seeing. If this is what they can show off in pre-Alpha with still a year to go before the game is released, things might just be looking up for the franchise.

On another note, I know there has been a ton of controversy about the Xbox One not boasting as impressive graphics as the PS4. I still think this game looks fantastic – next generation consoles are certainly a huge step up. We may be muddling our way through “Resolutiongate”, but the Xbox One can’t be that bad if developers are still showing off their gameplay using that console.

Last Updated: November 13, 2013

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