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Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer is all about customization, and loot

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DAI MP run

I’m still quite skeptical about the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer, but I’ve decided that just because I don’t like 4-player co-op in my single player games doesn’t mean that other people won’t enjoy it. Here’s how some of you might be having a ton of fun when the game launches.

When you and your three closest friends (or completely strangers) take up arms as agents of the inquisition, you will get to customize all the things. This official multiplayer trailer shows off 130 weapon customizations, 80 armor customizations and a whole bunch of new skills. Just as featured is all the loot and hidden treasure:

For those of you who played Mass Effect 3 and enjoyed the co-op, it’s looking more and more like that. It seems like a separate experience for those who enjoy it, but it can be ignored by those who don’t want to play. In fact, unlike ME3 where you were encouraged to complete multiplayer missions to increase your galactic readiness, there is nothing in Dragon Age: Inquisition that seems to force you to get involved in the co-op.

There you have it – a co-op experience for those who want it, with a strong single player for those who don’t. They are boasting 200 hours of gameplay for completionists. I suppose people will only check out multiplayer if that’s their thing, not because the game is lacking in content. You can send operatives out on missions in single player – I assume this is just to add to the experience by seeing what those operatives actually get up to. I just want the game to release already so that I can see and feel all of this for myself instead of taking Bioware’s word for it.

Last Updated: August 28, 2014

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