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DAI war table

I’m really loving Dragon Age, but it’s massive! So, here’s another guide to help you make sense of everything. A big part of the Dragon Age: Inquisition experience is the war table. It opens up new areas, unlocks all kinds of extras and gives you access to your Inquisition Perks. But it can get a bit daunting. Here are all the perks in one place to help you make decisions.

Inquisition Perks are gained by garnering enough influence. Influence can be earned in a variety of ways, from killing dragons and claiming landmarks to establishing camps and completing story missions. There is no way to reset perks, so be sure to be confident about your perk choices. There are also additional perks that can be gained by recruiting agents to your cause rather than spending influence. As some perks require a minimum number of points spent, these agents can be helpful in unlocking your perk of choice earlier on.


  • Underworld Knowledge: Detailed study of underworld customs and their brutal practical applications. Opens up new dialogue options related to criminal activities and grants +50% XP for each codex entry unlocked.
  • Massache’s Method: A methodology developed by an Orlesian blademaster and used by chevaliers to analyze their own performance in combat. Grants a 5% increase in XP earned from killing foes.
  • Rider’s Posture: Training in proper weight distribution during hard riding significantly increases resistance to being unseated. Requirement: 2 points needed in a category.
  • Antivan-Stitched Saddle: Proper tack of fine Antivan leather, custom-fitted to both horse and rider, significantly increases resistance to being unseated. Requirement: Rider’s Posture.
  • Advanced Focus: Increase maximum focus from 100 to 200. Second-tier focus effect for abilities can now be triggered. Requirement: 4 points needed in a category.
  • Master Focus: Increase maximum focus for all party members from 200 to 300. Third-tier focus effect for abilities can now be triggered. Requirement: Advanced Focus.
  • True Grit: Harsh environment training can be dangerous, but will harden anyone into a survivor. All party members gain a 10% increase to all defenses. Requirement: capture any keep.
  • More Healing Potions: Increase the maximum number of potions the party can carry by 4. Requirement: 3 points needed in a category.
  • Mage Schematics: Many mages from all over Thedas have joined the Inquisition, hoping for some degree of order and protection. Reverse engineering their robes and staves will provide new, rare schematics. Requirement: 4 points needed in a category.
  • Rogue Schematics: Many of Leliana’s new agents bring gear from their previous employers. Gathering their collective gains will provide new, rare schematics. Requirement: 4 points needed in a category.
  • Warrior Schematics: Sellswords, templars, chevaliers: the Inquisition’s forces come from wide-ranging backgrounds. Scour the troops’ arms and armors for new, rare schematics. Requirement: 4 points needed in a category.


  • Arcane Knowledge: A detailed study of magic and the places and creatures that interact with it. Opens up new dialogue options related to the Fade or arcane studies. Grants +50% XP for each codex entry unlocked.
  • Optimal Cutting: Detailed studies show how to get the maximum harvest from each plant. Grants a 10% chance to receive extra herbs with each harvest.
  • Eagle-Eyed: Training in spotting where the pattern breaks, in nature or in civilization. Grants a significant increase to the discovery range of the searching action.
  • Enhanced studies: Bolster the number of researchers working to study those who stand against the Inquisition. Grants an additional +50% XP for each foe studied, including those already completed (applied retroactively). Requirement: 2 points needed in a category.
  • Deft Hands, Fine Tools: The training, gear, and experience working with master locksmiths needed to tackle the toughest and most ingenious locking mechanisms. Allows all rogues in the party to open masterwork locks. Requirement: 4 points needed in a category.
  • Forward Scouts: With access to a forward training camp, the Inquisition’s scout can receive training to cover a wider area and identify items of interest to the Inquisitor. Reveals additional landmarks and points of interest on the maps of every area. Requirement: capture any keep.
  • Trainee Herbalists: Gain a collection of Tier 1 herbs.
  • Veteran Herbalists: Survival and harsh environment training will push Inquisition herbalists to gather more exotic and rare plants. As part of the training push, a large collection of uncommon herbs will be delivered for personal use. Requirement: Trainee Herbalists.
  • Master Herbalists: Combat training, top-line equipment, and experience in both allows Inquisition herbalists to find the rarest specimens. A large collection of rare herbs will be delivered for personal use. Requirement: Veteran Herbalists.


  • Nobility Knowledge: Detailed study of politics, rhetoric, and those who wield them to best effect. Opens up new dialogue options related to nobles and politics. Grants +50% XP from each codex entry unlocked.
  • Sterling Reputation: Thanks to a few well-placed acquaintances and a carefully crafted reputation, merchants will pay the Inquisition 10% more for items sold to them.
  • A Favor for a Favor: From an expanding network of contacts among artisans, suppliers, and noble patrons, merchants will offer the Inquisition a 10% discount on their goods.
  • Elite Clientele: Every merchant wants to say they once did business with the Inquisition. Shops offer to buy and sell for 15% better prices. Requires: Sterling Reputation, A Favor for a Favor.
  • The Rare Stocks: Inquisition procurers can leverage the organization’s reputation to purchase a shipment of rare and valuable raw materials for crafting.
  • Exacting Buyers: A little shrewd negotiation will allow Inquisition procurers to buy a shipment of high-quality materials for their craftsmen. Requirement: The Rare Stocks.
  • Only the Finest: A word to the right people, and our Inquisition procurers can bid at auction on the very highest-quality, rare materials for their craftsmen. Requirement: Exacting Buyers.
  • The Short List: Merchants eager to win favor from the Inquisition will give access to special offers for rare inventory. Requirement: 5 points needed in a category.
  • Friends in High Places: Where the Inquisition deigns to spend its coin, people take notice. Merchants will send messengers when they have sales at their stores in hopes the Inquisitor will put in an appearance. Requirement: capture any keep.


  • History Knowledge: Detailed history of Thedas’s past. Opens up new dialogue options related to history and the Chantry. Grants an additional +50% XP for each codex entry found.
  • Antivan tailoring: Antivan tailors are famed for their ability to hide pockets seamlessly in garments. A few words to the Inquisition’s friends to the north, and its forces can carry more items in the field. Increases inventory capacity by 15.
  • Imperial Court Tailoring: The best tailors in Val Royeaux, experienced in the intricacies of the Grand Game, can add hidden compartments to armor and clothing, allowing even more items to be carried at once. Increases inventory capacity by 15. Requirement: Antivan Tailoring.
  • Tempered Glass Flasks: Better techniques in glassworking make more durable flasks, allowing more potions to be carried safely at one time. Adds one more potion slot for all party members.
  • Exclusive Training: Gain 1 combat ability point, for the Inquisitor only. Requirement: 4 points needed in a category.

Tips and tricks

I highly recommend recruiting as many agents as possible to help with your perks. As for the order of perks, that depends entirely on your play style. However, I found that leveling went a lot faster by grabbing the first perk from each category. Additionally, Forward Scouts is an excellent perk for finding quarries and lumber mills.

If you’re struggling with your inventory, of course the Antivan and Imperial Court Tailoring perks are ideal as they will expand your inventory to 90 slots. I haven’t touched any of the monetary reward perks as of yet – while money is helpful there are plenty of other ways to get it rather than spending precious perks to ensure merchants pay out more on sales or give better prices on goods.

Last Updated: December 3, 2014

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