Dragon Age: Inquisition promises trillions of options

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DAI kill it with light

Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming in a couple short months and I’m chomping at the bit to play it. It will be great to immerse myself in the world of Thedas again and I’m keen to see what Bioware did to learn from all their previous mistakes. According to a new infographic, they did a lot.

Here is the info graphic from Bioware, posted on the Dragon Age Facebook page.

DAI infographic

I like that there are different versions of the male and female voices – with four voices to choose from it won’t just be a binary experience in that regard. Here’s hoping they also have a variety of running animations – I know there were some criticisms of how Fem-Shep ran compared to normal Shepard in Mass Effect. It would be good if they learned from that and figured out how to make a woman run like a normal mammal.

I’m very keen to explore all those 200 abilities, talents and upgrades… I’m not so worried about the various mounts or weapons and armor, but I do love some complex upgrading. Also, who is going to play with the 15 variations of drapes in the Skyhold? Then again… I might cycle through the options until I find one that I like. Black and Red or nothing. Right?

Do you see all these options as a sign of a great game, or a desperate plea from Bioware to not be seen as repetitive and recycling the same assets? Will you be exploring the trillions of options, or just taking the first one that looks okay?

Last Updated: October 3, 2014

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