Dreams Of A Mirror's Edge Sequel Shattered

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Mirror’s Edge may not have been everyones cup of tea, but it sure did change things up a little when it released back in 2008.

Designed as a first person parkour/free-running title from DICE, it set out to give players an immersive first person view of the insane feats performed by the slightly insane practitioners of parkour as well as feel the rush of the entire experience. Many gamers, myself included absolutely loved the experience and so the question was always on our minds… will we be getting another one?

Some of you may have already known, but if you didn’t, the first Mirror’s Edge actually didn’t do very well in the sales department. Some may attribute it to the style or theme of the game, but I personally remember it just being a matter of bad timing as it released alongside a massive list of huge titles, so the competition was rough.

In a translated interview with press2play.tv, (via videogamer.com) DICE’s Patrick Soderlund broke the heartbreaking news that the development of Mirror’s Edge 2 – which has been going on for some time now – has been put on hold by EA and that the team has been reassigned to other projects.

It’s going to be really sad if we never see another one and I know that a lot of fans will feel let down by the news but at the same time, we all vote with out wallets – and according to the sales of the first game, we all voted “no”.

Last Updated: February 15, 2011

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