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Driver: San Francisco may need a U-Play passport

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These are those little moments in life when I am glad that not all games are Sony exclusives. Could you imagine I posted up a story claiming that a PS3 exclusive may need a passport to play online if you buy it second hand?

I’d get lynched for misconstruing the truth… okay that dig aside let’s get to the point.

It looks like Ubisoft’s upcoming driving game, Driver: San Francisco, is going to be the first Ubisoft game that requires a one-time online code to play. So that when you are done with it and sell it off the online mode won’t work without the new owner first buying a U-Play passport.

Ubisoft haven’t confirmed this yet and we don’t know how much the passports are going to cost but this is now officially standard practice now that EA, Sony and Ubisoft are all doing it.

I can’t see it taking many more hours before Activision jumps onto this bandwagon with their Call of Duty series and I’d say the only reason Microsoft haven’t joined in yet is because they already charge for online access and the gaming community may actually freak out if they have to pay the same company twice for the same thing.

As I’ve said many times before this practice doesn’t bother me in the least but then again I never sell my games and rarely buy second hand games and when I do it’s solely for single player.

Source: Gamezine

Last Updated: July 15, 2011

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