Dude Laser Etches Entire Super Mario Land Onto His PC

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This is just downright incredible.

A guy who goes by the name of RevolvingDork on Flickr has uploaded images of the craziest and most awesome looking PC case laser etching that I have ever seen. He has laser etched the entire (and yes I mean entire) layout for the levels of Super Mario Land on Gameboy, all the way from 1 – 1 to the end.

He writes on his site:

“Last night I laser-etched the top of my Eee PC with the complete level maps of Super Mario Land ( on the Game Boy).

Everything from the familiar layouts of 1-1 to the climactic battle with Tatanga in the clouds at the end of 4-3 is represented in the etching.”

While it looks quite crazy from a distance, you really need to see the close up shots to appreciate what he has done, check them out after the jump.

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Source: Digg.com

Last Updated: January 22, 2009

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