Duke Nukem Forever demo available

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Duke Nukem Forever is a polarising game. Some love it for its “old school” nostalgic charm, while others think it’s a terrible game, a half-baked product that’s riding the wave of nostalgia all the way to the bank. While we’re firmly in the “this game sucks” camp, here’s your chance to form your own opinion; The game’s demo has finally become available on Xbox Live and Steam – with a PS3 demo to come soon.

Here’s what Gearbox said on its blog :

“The DNF demo is now live on Xbox 360 and on PC via Steam. (We are working with Sony to get the [PlayStation 3] demo out as soon as possible too.) If you haven’t played DNF yet, now is your chance to try out part of gaming history — check it out and tell us what YOU think.”

The demo was previously only available to those who bought the Borderlands GOTY edition, or had pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever – but now the general population is free to make up its own mind about the return of one of gaming’s most iconic anti-heroes.

Source : Gearbox

Last Updated: June 22, 2011

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