Dying Light will run at 30fps 1080p on PS4

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It’s been several weeks since we’ve had to mention any of that resolution or frames per second silliness on the website. Several glorious weeks of focusing only on the games. But because I’m essentially a shaved Grinch, I’m going to bring that topic up all over again. That’ll teach you all to buy me second-hand socks for Christmas.

According to Dying Light lead designer Maciej Binkowski who was asked the question of graphical importance on Ask.FM via VG247, the game will indeed run at 1080 peas at 30 brains per second. I mean 1080p at 30 frames per second. Yes, that. Speaking to GameSpot, a representative for developer Techland gave further clarification on the graphics:

1080p/30 fps is what we have right now, it is what is constant, and what we’re sure we can deliver in the final product, but the work is still ongoing, and even though we have no more than two weeks left, things can still change. So even though the answer is accurate I would change the question–it’s not what we target, it is what we will deliver 100 percent.

Mind you, this is for the PlayStation 4 version of the game. The Xbox One version was not discussed. It’s been an interesting development process for Dying Light so far. The game looks rather scrumptious on current-gen and PC, with the E3 build having particularly stunning environments. Environments so detailed, that the old-gen versions had to be canned entirely, as Techland remarked a few months ago that those systems “just couldn’t run the game”

Last Updated: December 11, 2014

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