Dying Light’s latest patch is a PC mod-killer

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Not those Mods

Some of the greatest video games ever made have come from mods. Some of the most ridiculous, game-breaking exploits have also been born of PC game mods, but that kind of goes with the territory. Territory that Dying Light developer Techland has no desire to explore, as the latest update to the game will put the kibosh on any monkeying around with game files.

Update 1.2.1 for the game is alive and according to the release notes, this patch “blocked cheating by changing game’s data files”. Which is excellent for co-operative play, as that is where Dying Light truly shines. It doesn’t exactly shine as well for the more innocent modders out there who want to tweak the game so that all the zombies talk like Randy Macho Man Savage however, because fiddling with game data files is pretty much modding in a nutshell.

Taking things even further however, Techland and publisher Warner Bros Interactive have also thrown a few lawyers at the internet, with some Reddit users reporting that they’ve received DMCA takedowns on their mods and on media-sharing sites. It’s not a move that is going to be welcomed in the modding scene, as tinkering with a game is the key these days to keeping folks interested in the product beyond an entire week after launch.

Mods can be a grey area at times. Yes, they can utterly break your game and encourage all kinds of cheating, but they aren’t exactly being forced on players. Sometimes, a mod can even improve a game drastically. And with Dying Light having a bad case of character models that are repeated everywhere, lip-synching on par with a B-grade Kung Fu flick and occasionally jettisoning players through time and space after using the wrist-mounted grappling hook, it does need some TLC from both fans and developers.

Last Updated: February 2, 2015

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