E3 2009: Forza 3 to arrive on multiple discs

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Multiple DVD

Matt Banks from loot-ninja has been chatting to the Forza 3 team at E3 about the game and what we can expect and one fo the surprising things that has come out of this is that Forza 3 is more than likely going to be released on multiple discs.

According to his Twitter the developers have not confirmed it yet but when he asked them the question they just smiled and nodded, which is enough for me.

So is this going to be an issue for anyone? I would imagine that the multiple discs would either have different game types or more than likely just different tracks that you will be able to install to your hard drive if you prefer?

I personally have no issue with multiple discs but really dislike installations, lets hope it isn’t mandatory?

Last Updated: June 4, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • easy

    lazy you sure are one strange cat. you detest installations ala ps3 style, yet you happy having to install a game because it comes on two disc’s? :dizzy:

  • I hate installations but hate multiple disks more.

  • Noooooo not happy about it… I may have put across the wrong impression if that is what you read into it.

  • Someone

    I don’t mind Multi Disks as long as you dont have to change them every time you need to do something. (eg. GT series on PS1)
    But Something like the Final Fantasy series changing a disk once then playing for hrs (depending) before you need to change again. That’s ok.

  • janrik

    Maybe a Car disk and a Track disk?
    And you install the one or other to the HDD.
    That would work nicely.
    Screws arcade owners though…

  • Fox1
  • easy

    wow… those comments on the article are hilarious!!

    there’s nothing like hot headed 15 year old’s with 360/ps3 rage.

  • Reading confirmation of this story a couple of hours later :whistle:

  • RSA-Ace

    I guess the main problem about having two discs is the fact that the arcade users will be missing out on some extra tracks and cars…

    well according to joystiq.

  • WitWolfyZA

    Well im not bothered i install every game to my HDD which i know im gonna play non stop to save my laser

  • darthdad

    I don’t have a problem with multiple discs. I remember waaay back when you would have some games on 10 to 20 floppy discs.Showing my age a bit. :blush:
    2 discs for a great game, no problem.

  • What amazes me is that one of the first ever rumours about Forza 3 came out about a year ago and it was reported that the game was coming on multiple discs. Seriously, how did people already know back then?

  • StigSmash

    I was going to say that. I was not really surprised to hear this. All i can hope is that they handle the data correctly i.e having the option to copy to the hard drive instead of needing to swap or something along those lines

  • Well,then I guess I should welcome you to the
    geriatric’s club 😉

  • darthdad

    oi! :angry:

  • easy

    please elaborate what defines a gerry?
    you got me worried…

    i’m young enough to not have floppy’s, but old enough to remember them.

  • darthdad


  • WitWolfyZA

    Probably gonna be Install disc one and play with disc 2… Works out perfectly

  • Fox1

    According to Joystiq the second disc works similar to DLC 😉

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