E3 2009: Last Guardian – The famous BBC game

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So the famous super title that the BBC guy hyped up beyond belief has been officially revealed to be the Last Guardian, or in other words Project Trico.

Darren Waters from the BBC has come out and stated

“Obviously, the length of time that has passed between my first glimpse of the game and its unveiling at E3 means that it is impossible for the Last Guardian to live up to the hype built around this so-called ‘secret BBC game'”

Now while I agree with him that no game can live up to the hype, if you are going to overhype a game then you can’t choose one much better than a title from the team who made Shadow of the Colossus or Ico.

There is always a but though… seriously does anyone know what this title is actually about?

[Thanks to Geoffrey for the tip]

Last Updated: June 3, 2009

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