E3 2009: Project Natal Video's

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It’s Microsoft’s special day so we won’t go pestering them about stealing our name and not giving us Live right now, but don’t worry that didn’t pass by unnoticed.

Anyway back to the point, Project Natal is looking incredible to say the least and I think it’s fair to say that Nintendo may be stressing just a little bit at the moment. If this camera works like Microsoft is saying it does then they have overtaken Nintendo’s stranglehold on the motion sensing department and added full HD graphics into the mix to boot.

Then they have plugged it into a truly integrated online environment and hooked up to the social networking sites at the same time. 

Honestly I can’t believe they are going to be able to pull it all off right now, but I hope they do.

Check through the jump for a live demonstration and PR video of the technology.

PR Video

Live Demonstration

Last Updated: June 2, 2009

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