E3 2009: PS3 Motion Controller Tech-Demo

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Sony showed of their prototype motion controller to us all at the conference and I have to say that while the technology looks impressive the actual demonstration left a lot to be desired.

I have never given a press conference myself but even I can tell you that demonstrating a glowing lolli-pop to a hardcore crowd is going to elicit a bunch of sniggers and from that moment on you are climbing a mountain.

They did state straight away that it was a prototype and the final design will be different but seriously, this is the biggest gaming conference on the planet and you arrive with that?

Then proceeded to show us all how badly the engineers are at sports and graphic design…
However that being said they did manage to save themselves with an awesome second demo showing off how you can dual wield controllers to implement a virtual cross bow or chuck some ninja stars at the incoming horde.

I have no idea if their technology is more capable than Microsoft’s but the Redmond giant wiped the floor with them in motion controller demonstrations.

I was highly impressed by the ability to write with Sony’s controller though, that was pretty awesome.

Last Updated: June 3, 2009

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