E3 2009 – Sony Press Conference Coverage: – Part Two – Exclusives and Surprises

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Ok, so finally Part 2 of the Sony Conference coverage is here after some crazy days and announcements.

This one looks into some of the bigger surprises from Sony, with the announcement of a new exclusive from a big developer and some new and old IP announcements as well as an unexpected surprise.

This is where Sony conference picked up, so be sure to check it out.

Elusive Exclusive

Okay so let’s kick things off with a surprise announcement of an exclusive. Sony announced that a brand new IP titled Agent, will be developed by Rockstar exclusively for the Playstation 3, and we all know that anything Rockstar touches usually turns to solid gold. I have a feeling that the game is in it’s very, and I mean very early stages, so don’t expect any major details any time soon.

Roof Hopping, Throat Slashing Madness

We were then treated to the first showing of gameplay for Assassin’s Creed 2, which Sony had obviously secured and pre-arranged with Ubisoft. The game is looking incredible in so many ways, and it looks like Ubisoft have listened to the gamers and really improved on all the aspects that gamers didn’t like from the first game. Visuals were absolutely amazing as well.

Do The Loco-Motion

So here comes the surprise that not many people saw coming. Sony starts talking about motion controllers and the EyeToy and then brings two guys onto stage to show off their new motion controller, which is somewhat still a work in progress. The controller basically looks like somewhat of a wand with a glowing ping pong ball on the top, and works together with a camera that picks up the little ball with its sensors.

A tech demo was shown and to be honest, things started getting a little awkward. The guy demoing the controller, was having a lot of trouble doing a simple action like knocking a ball with a tennis racket and the visuals of the tech demo were very basic. As far as tech demo’s go it was pretty successful, but I really think that Sony should have rather packaged together something a little smaller and polished, and only shown that off instead.

Some of the stuff looked really cool, like using two remotes to shoot a bow and arrow, as well as a sword and shield combination. At the end of the day it really comes across as very similar to the Wii-Motion Plus, so it will be interesting to see what Sony does to push it forward.

Mix and Mash

Next up, we were shown a new IP that focuses on creativity and sharing, and was titled Mod-Nation Racing, scheduled for 2010. Some of you may hate me for saying it, but it really does look like something that I would call LittleBig-MarioKart. It’s a cart racer, a lot like Mario Kart, but with lots of customisation options and outfits that look very similar to LittleBigPlanet.

A demo of a track builder was done and a full track was built and customised in under 5 minutes. The editor was really slick and easy to use, with some good results, but didn’t do anything new. As a matter of fact, the entire game didn’t do anything new or fresh really, but it still looks like a heck of a lot of fun, so I’m not sure if I even care. Fun is fun and it looks like it has a lot of it.


Okay, so most of you have seen the leaked trailer of the new title from Team ICO recently for a game titled Project Trico. The footage we saw was from over a year ago, and we expected to see a newer, better version at this year’s E3, and so we did. The game has it’s final title now and will be called “The Last Guardian”. We saw some changes to the characters and environments and it is looking very pretty and incredibly interesting. The game was also called a part of a trilogy, meaning that the Shadow of the Colossus and ICO were in fact linked, and that this game may reveal why. We have no idea of when this game is set for release, but I am going to guess 2010.

Stalled On The Grid

Disappointingly, we were not shown any gameplay, but rather only a trailer for the highly anticipated Gran Turismo 5. It really is about time we get to see this game running in full force, and it’s still unclear as to when it will release. With Forza 3 announced, looking good, and available in October, I have the feeling that Polyphony really needs to start getting to an end point.

What, What, What?

Here is another shocker that came out of Sony though, and it started off with the showing of Final Fantasy XIII, which we all know about and also know has gone multi-platform.

All of a sudden, we get an announcement of Final Fantasy XIV (Yes, 14) as a PS3 exclusive, coming out in 2010 which left us all very much confused. That is, until the end of the trailer, when we saw that it was subtitled “Online”. So basically a new Final Fantasy Online is on it’s way and will release in 2010 and from the trailer is looking quite magical, so keep an eye out for more details soon.

Sony did however, save the best for last, and you know exactly what I mean. Yes, God of War III.

We were shown some live gameplay footage of the new game that lasted for a decent couple of minutes and it is looking mind-blowing. The visuals and scale are just gorgeous and the gameplay looks as good as it has always been, with some improvements and additions here and there. Needless to say that this is going to be a big seller and a great reason to be proud to own a PS3, I cannot wait. Speaking of waiting though, the game has been given a March 2010 release.

Round Up

There is a lot of good stuff coming out from Sony, but it looks like a lot of it will only be seeing the light of day in 2010, which is a little disappointing. We want, and we want it now! Something else… where was Heavy Rain? Many of us were really looking forward to seeing even more of the upcoming title, so it’s absence felt somewhat strange.

On the whole Sony had a very strong presentation, but neither them or anyone expected such a strong showing from Microsoft and pre-E3 leaks hurt Sony’s “wow” factor quite a lot as well. This just means that the game is on and we are going to have a very exciting battle between the two behemoths over the next year.

So bring it on Sony and Microsoft, let’s see who brings their absolute A-Game!

Last Updated: June 3, 2009

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