E3 2009: Splinter Cell Conviction

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I woke up this morning looking forward to yet another awesome day of E3 news only to find my favourite teddy bear had gone A.W.O.L… now he does this sometimes so I wasn’t overly worried until I arrived in the kitchen to find him strapped over the stove and burnt to a crisp.

Suddenly it came back to me, Splinter Cell Conviction was announced yesterday and we never posted about it and now Sam’s pissed. So without further delay lets take a look at what was shown.

After the break you can take a look at the awesome debut trailer which shows Sam kindly coaxing some information out of an informant with a little help from a urinal, wall and window.

Then we head off into a city and see our instructions plastered all over a building on the left, not so subtle but an absolutely awesome way to keep the story flowing and ensuring you don’t miss what you are meant to do.

Next is a demonstration on the Rainbow Six brand spanking new mark and kill technology where you can line up your kills before bursting through the door, it’s not stealing if you steal from a friend is it?

All in all the new grittier, faster and more badass Sam Fischer makes an amazing showing and I cannot wait to try out those interrogation techniques.

Last Updated: June 3, 2009

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