E3 2009: Yamauchi states that GT5 is releasable now

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Gran Turismo 5 is one of the most anticipated titles for PS3 fans and any news that comes out is instantly analysed in minute detail to see when we can expect this title to land.

So I take the latest statement from Kazunori Yamauchi with a whole heap of salt, according to him

“but GT5 for us, when you talk about its status, it’s at a point we can release it any time we want, but we can always keep working on it. It’s very important for us to make sure everything is done perfectly and everything is done in detail”

So he seems to think that he can easily have it released in time for Christmas and at the moment it is just being polished and improved.

I personally call BS, if the title was ready to be released it would be. There is no reason to keep holding onto it as the cost of development must be catching up to the obvious profits this title is going to make now, and if it takes much longer it runs the real risk of Forza 3 pipping it to the realism post.

And that would simply be humiliating.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: June 5, 2009

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