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E3 2010: Marvel vs Capcom 3 Hands-On

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Capcom really knocked one out of the park recently when they announced the much yearned follow up to the mightily popular Marvel vs Capcom series.

With a ton of characters to play and a new shiny 3D engine based on the same winning 2D gameplay formula, you would think that Capcom already have a winner on there hands. I duked it out on the E3 showroom floor to find out for myself.

As many of you do know, I am a massive fan of Street Fighter IV as well as the follow up, Super Street Fighter IV. I am however, pretty damn useless at the Marvel vs Capcom games, as they play completely differently and I also missed the arcade band wagon when the games released back in the day.

I did however pick up MvC2 when it released on Xbox Live and PSN recently, and as a complete noob of the series, had to try and get into it really quick. The truth is, that seeing the game from a noobs perspective, I was able to really see the appeal of what the game has to offer. While the game can be played on tournament level as a massively technical combo crazy fighter, there is just a ton of appeal to newcomers looking for something to play with their buddies.

My time with MvC3 was incredibly enjoyable to say the least, the new graphics engine goes for a slightly different artistic look but runs at super smooth and looks really great, especially with all of the different characters moves and super combos.

The fighting system is still furiously quick, and allows each player to pick 3 characters that can be tagged in and out as well as used together to create some super powerful combos.

As far as fighters go, Marvel vs Capcom 3 is looking like a bug bundle of fun that can be mastered by the pros and enjoyed by those who just want a little bit of fun. My verdict? Looked great, played great and proved to be a ton of fun, I’m going to be keeping my eye on this one until its release.

Last Updated: June 22, 2010

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