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E3 2011 Coverage : Booth Babes

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E3 isn’t just about the games, the gadgets, the ridiculously overpriced convention centre food and the need to wear soft and comfy shoes; it’s also about the booth babes. Actually, scratch that – it’s mostly about the booth babes. I rocked up at E3 with a camera, some lotion and a handy pack of Kleenex – so you can imagine my disappointment when I found that this E3, the heralded babes were as underwhelming as the press conferences. Well, at least that’s how it seemed on the show floor to us. Maybe they’d heard Ian was coming and ran the f*ck away? I’ve seen some other outlet’s booth babes galleries and they’ve somehow managed to find all the sexy wimminz.

The ones we did find were either made almost entirely out of plastic, or just not hot enough. Oh, except for the Saints Row Carwash ladies; they were delicious eye candy indeed. Unfortunately, we had meetings to get to – otherwise we’d have spent the whole day there…dressed as cars.


Last Updated: June 14, 2011

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