E3 2011: EA Confirm That They "Haven't Killed" Mirror's Edge 2

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If you, like me, really loved Mirror’s Edge and were hoping for a sequel, then you would have been a little disappointed in the past to hear that a sequel was unlikely after being put on hold.

EA’s Frank Gibeau has now said that not only is Mirror’s Edge 2 not dead, but they have something special planned.

When talking to Gametrailers.com’s Geoff Keighley on their live stream video and TV E3 show, Gibeau had the following to say:

“We haven’t killed Mirror’s Edge,”

“We’re actively looking at how to bring it back in the right way. We love that franchise. The DICE guys really created something I think special the first time around. You’ve got to have a big idea to be able to do the next one and that’s what we’re working on.”

He also had the following to say with regards to learning from the first game as well as sticking to EA’s new mission to focus on multiplayer gaming:

“If you’re going to be bold with that kind of concept, you need to take it as far as it can go in development. You have to execute, you have to spend more time on a game to ensure it’s polished, and you need to have the depth and persistence of an online game.”

Some other exciting news, is that it looks like there is a good chance that Mirror’s Edge 2 will run on the fantastic new Frostbite 2 engine that was developed by DICE for Battlefield 3 and is already being used in the development of Need for Speed: The Run.

I don’t know about you, but this news is music to my ears. Mirror’s Edge did something different, and it’s something that I really hope to see more of.

Source: PCgamer and Gametrailers

Last Updated: June 9, 2011

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